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Messy Church was on Sunday 13th May hosted at St Andrew’s School by kind permission of the Head-teacher Mrs L Berkeley.

We explored our theme ‘Prayer Everywhere’ at the start of our afternoon through art, science and food activities then through a time of singing and story.

We asked the question; so ……… how do you pray?  And gave the challenge to everyone can you complete your Messy Church passport as they moved around the activities?

The photos show some of our 11 activities about different ways to pray:

Prayer lava lamps a science activity which when the activator was added air bubbles bubbled up, watching the bubbles helps our ‘busy heads’ to slow down, listen and talk to God.  

Pop! Pop! Pop! Prayers gives ideas of areas to pray for some people put school, peace, friends, Messy Church and family on their 5 discs.  We challenged the children to shake their bottle each day and pray for the disc which popped to the top first.  The pop! Bottles wouldn’t be a Messy Church activity without plenty of glitter.

Great creativity with printing to decorate a family prayer book and choosing prayers to glue in, these were taken home to use and add more prayers in.

Prayer candle holders were made to help us think about saying grace, which is talking to God before our meals.

Can you make a catapult from lollisticks and a plastic spoon?  There was much enthusiasm with firing small erasers at our junk wall; metal spoons were much more robust!  Sometimes situations feel like huge walls but by praying sometimes for days, weeks and even years – our prayers to God can break the wall down.

Everyone enjoys popping bubble wrap, every time you pop a bubble you say a pray.  Today we were using this method of praying to pray for our world, maybe the environmental concerns about ocean life or a friend who is ill who lives in America.



We had some amazing aerodynamics making and flying aeroplanes & kites, having test flights on the school playground.

In our celebration a time of singing songs and a story about Prayer Everywhere we heard some of the places you can pray including school, train station and the toilet!  One thing that we can be sure is that God will listen to us wherever we pray.

We end with tea and birthday cake as we celebrated St Andrew’s Marks Tey Messy Church’s 4th birthday.

Please come and join us at our next Messy Church on Saturday 14th July.