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Messy Church met on Saturday 18th May

Our theme was birthdays as we celebrated our 5th birthday and Pentecost, the worldwide Christian Church birthday. Pentecost is the day the church celebrates its birthday because that’s when Jesus’ Holy Spirit came to the first disciples. The Holy Spirit is Christ’s power in Christians. We had lots of fun with lots of balloon activities, as balloons are one way of celebrating, they helped us remember that our breath is like the wind, as we blew up lots of balloons and see the power of that air as it moved the hovercrafts, cars, boats and string rockets we made. We were reminded that the wind has power, even though you can’t see the wind, you can often see the wind’s power. God’s Holy Spirit is like breath in Christians helping them to live a life as followers of Jesus. At Pentecost we remember when the Holy Spirit came to help us live our Christian life.

We were joined this year by Christian Magician Neil Keeble who led a balloon modelling workshop activity, with lots of balloon hats, flowers, swords were modelled by the children. Following our activities we were wowed by Neil’s magic tricks as we celebrated Messy Church’s and the Christian Churches birthday.

As always Messy Church ended with tea and cake, we had an amazing hot air balloon birthday cake.

Please do join us for Messy Church; our next Messy Church is on 13th July.

Messy Church met on Saturday 30th March

our theme was ‘Mothers and Carers’ as we celebrated those in our own families and in our wider community who bring us up or nurture us.

The photos show our 10 activities on our theme.

In our Overflowing Cup Challenge we tried to fill all our tower of glasses with water by pouring water only in the top glass. We thought about the blessings we are thankful for and how we can bless others.

In our prayer space we had floating flowers, we thanked God for our mum’s and others who care for us as we watched the flower we had made open up in the water.

Keyrings were made as a gift for our mum or special carer, drawing a picture of something that they would like to go inside the keyring. We considered what we thought God likes to hear us say and do to show our love.

For our Mother’s Day cards we sewed radiating hearts. We thought about hearts being a symbol of love and how we can show Jesus we love him.

Handprint cup-vases using our own hand shapes cut from foam, these vases looked like we were holding the flowers. We considered that God’s hands are big enough to hold us all!

Heart tea-light cans was about hammering into a can a heart shape, making something beautiful from a recycled can to give as a gift to say thank you to our mum’s for caring for us.

Meadow picture was our group collage, we considered that just like the different colours and flowers that covered the paper, the Church welcomes everyone. We are each unique, but more beautiful together.

Cake case flowers, we made flowers from paper cake cases and pipe cleaners to give to the person who brings us to Messy Church.

At our Sandwich Bank activity we showed that we care by making sandwiches to be given out by the Colchester Soup Run.

Decorating cupcakes, we rolled out fondant icing and cut out flowers to decorate a cupcake. Giving flowers is a way of saying ‘I love you’. It is a good idea to tell people we love them even if we think they know already. In fact it’s a good idea to tell them every single day!

In our celebration there was a time of singing songs and the story of Mary, Jesus’ mother, who said “Yes” to be Jesus’ mum and her life as a mother. This look at Mary’s life shows God at work in an ordinary person and demonstrates the value that God places on the role of mother’ whether that role is biological or social.

As always we ended with tea and cake.

Please come and join us at our next Messy Church on Saturday 18th May as we celebrate our 5th birthday with balloon modelling and balloon activities. Email to book your family’s place.

Messy Church was on Saturday 16th February at St Andrew’s Church.

We explored our theme ‘Self-Confidence through the story of Gideon’ at the start of our afternoon through art, science and food activities then through a time of singing and story.
We asked the question; so …….. how do you think of yourself? Brave and strong or scared and weak?
The photos show some of our 10 activities exploring how Gideon thought about himself and his ability and his growing knowledge of God’s view of him and what he could do when he trusted God.
God can help science activity caused amazement and wonder as you can see from the children’s faces. Do you know how water can stay in an upside down glass?

We made parachutes and later tested them, by watching them being dropped from the top of the church tower. In our making and testing of parachutes, we thought about how Gideon’s trust grew in God as he got to know him, Gideon grew braver and stronger.   Would you be brave enough to test a parachute?

We created doves of peace by transforming a flat piece of paper. We thought about how God transformed Gideon’s life and asked the question what part of our life would we like God to change?

Our group collage is called ‘You are Amazing!’ We wrote phrases that we would like to hear from God to make us feel better about ourselves. What words would make you feel better about yourself?

Fire on a rock was our food activity. We made edible fire on a rock using lots of chocolate; icing, chocolate fingers and flake then fruit sweets and biscuits. Gideon asked God to show him He was really God. What would you like God to do to show you He is God?

Peace don’t be Afraid canvas, selecting bad newspaper headlines and sticking them all over the canvas but covering over these headlines with the words Peace don’t be Afraid. What difference would it make today to hear God speak ‘Peace do not be Afraid’ to our world, amid our own problems?

Build an altar to the Lord was our blindfold challenge as we looked at the fact that Gideon was fearful of what people would think and do if they caught him building an altar to God, so he built it in the dark! Do you like telling people about God? Are you sometimes scared of what people might think?

Shake it off challenge, was a silly game to play and caused much laughter as we tried to shake out 6 ping pong balls from the tissue box on our back! Gideon in the story was doing something just as silly trying to thresh wheat in a wine press! The winner of the Shake it off challenge managed this task in 6 seconds!!

In our celebration there was a time of singing songs and the story of Gideon being transformed from being weak and scared to being brave and strong and how God enabled Gideon to complete every task He called him to and will do the same for us today.

As always we ended with tea and cake.

Please come and join us at our next Messy Church on Saturday 30th March as we make cards and presents for Mother’s Day.

Messy Church was on Saturday 14th July at St Andrew’s Church.

We explored our theme ‘Creating and Caring’ at the start of our afternoon through art, science and food activities then through a time of singing and story.

We asked the question; so …….. how can we create a caring creation?

The photos show some of our 10 activities about different ways to explore looking after our world and having fun being creators:

Blowing trees activity as we blew paint through straws to make trees, we thought about trees in the bible and how they are used to represent life – growth and also death, Jesus on a wooden cross.

Our water purifiers amazed everyone with the success of cleaning dirty water as we thought about the parts of the world where they do not have clean water or even taps!

We created recycled animals from boxes; some made horses, elephants and snakes … what would you have made?

We created fruit animals, as we thought about all the different fruits we have in our world, in the photograph is a fruit owl, we also made octopuses from strawberries, mice and ladybirds too.

We used seeds to collage flower pictures, as we thought about different seeds and what seeds are for.

We enjoyed making placemats by weaving strips of plastic carrier bags, one way of recycling and reusing plastic and looking after our world.

In our ice play we had lots of polar bears to live on the ice blocks and land animals to live and play on the stone land.  We explored what happens as the ice melts and asked the question where will the polar bears live now?

The group collage activity designed a green poster, ‘love your world look after it’, a lovely beach scene was spoilt with all types of litter; no wildlife can be seen in this collage.

In the prayer space we used a world map  as we try to identify where in the world the natural disasters’ were occurring.  The challenge was to find the different countries and to pray to God for the country’s wellbeing.  

At the end of our activity time we all enjoyed a scavenging textures hunt outside in the churchyard, finding soft, gritty, smooth, rough, crackly, fuzzy, hard, shiny, prickly and spiky textures.  As we thought about which textures made us feel safe and which textures made us feel uncomfortable.

In our celebration there was a time of singing songs and a story of creation and how we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to help look after the world we live in.

As always we ended with tea and cake.

Please come and join us at our next Messy Church on Saturday 13th October.

Messy Church was on Sunday 13th May hosted at St Andrew’s School by kind permission of the Head-teacher Mrs L Berkeley.

We explored our theme ‘Prayer Everywhere’ at the start of our afternoon through art, science and food activities then through a time of singing and story.

We asked the question; so ……… how do you pray?  And gave the challenge to everyone can you complete your Messy Church passport as they moved around the activities?

The photos show some of our 11 activities about different ways to pray:

Prayer lava lamps a science activity which when the activator was added air bubbles bubbled up, watching the bubbles helps our ‘busy heads’ to slow down, listen and talk to God.  

Pop! Pop! Pop! Prayers gives ideas of areas to pray for some people put school, peace, friends, Messy Church and family on their 5 discs.  We challenged the children to shake their bottle each day and pray for the disc which popped to the top first.  The pop! Bottles wouldn’t be a Messy Church activity without plenty of glitter.

Great creativity with printing to decorate a family prayer book and choosing prayers to glue in, these were taken home to use and add more prayers in.

Prayer candle holders were made to help us think about saying grace, which is talking to God before our meals.

Can you make a catapult from lollisticks and a plastic spoon?  There was much enthusiasm with firing small erasers at our junk wall; metal spoons were much more robust!  Sometimes situations feel like huge walls but by praying sometimes for days, weeks and even years – our prayers to God can break the wall down.

Everyone enjoys popping bubble wrap, every time you pop a bubble you say a pray.  Today we were using this method of praying to pray for our world, maybe the environmental concerns about ocean life or a friend who is ill who lives in America.


We had some amazing aerodynamics making and flying aeroplanes & kites, having test flights on the school playground.

In our celebration a time of singing songs and a story about Prayer Everywhere we heard some of the places you can pray including school, train station and the toilet!  One thing that we can be sure is that God will listen to us wherever we pray.

We end with tea and birthday cake as we celebrated St Andrew’s Marks Tey Messy Church’s 4th birthday.

Please come and join us at our next Messy Church on Saturday 14th July.