"We won't stop until poverty stops"

11:00am, Sun 14th Jan 2018
Morning Worship

Stefan Kaye, a volunteer speaker from Tearfund.  Stefan is a software engineer from Cambridge, who worships at Eden Baptist Church.  Thank you for your support for Tearfund!

Quiz: which year was this?  In this year, Tearfund was also founded.  Leviticus reminds us that the fiftieth year was the year of Jubilee.  In that time, the number of people living in poverty has actually halved worldwide.  Poverty seems like an impossible giant; but David defeated Goliath! Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (the DRC) is fuelled by brokenness and conflicts.  Leviticus gives rules for good relationships, including caring for the poor.  Jubilee provided a stop to exploitation.

The Video shown in the middle of Stefan's talk, about Birungi, can be downloaded here.

Birungi's village is very remote.  Church and Community Transformation equips people like Birungi to help themselves.  As Jesus says (quoting Isaiah 61) in Luke 4, bringing good news to the poor.  Tearfund's vision in this 50th year is to lift 5 million people from poverty: you can fill in our response card.  Please support us!

The Reflection at the end of Stefan's talk can be downloaded from the same link; and can also be seen here.