3 things to pray for

"Pray for a renewal in our expectancy in the abundancy and overflowing of Christ in our lives together so that people right across the country see who Jesus is and are drawn to faith in him:
Three ways we are being asked to pray:
• That all Christians find new life in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  The joy that Christ brings us, the comfort in sorrow, the abundance of joy at good times should be renewed in every Christian in their own personal faith and discipleship.
• That all those we meet and are close to; family, friends, colleagues and casual acquaintances that they might see something of Jesus that draws them towards faith in Him towards learning what His love is for themselves so that their own lives are transformed.
• That we pray for the Church that it is so full of the life and joy of Christ that it overflows with the reality and presence of Jesus together, and wherever it reaches out, that that overflowing is seen in service, love and compassion working with the poor, serving each person we come across wherever we are in every community.
We pray for the reign and rule of Christ in every heart in every community that they might find the joy of Jesus Christ."          Justin Welby